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Andrea Bocelli Will Stream Concert at Duomo di Milan this Easter Sunday 🙏🏼 🕊

In hopes to spread “love, healing, and hope’ to  Italy during the COVID-19 crisis, Andrea Bocelli will stream a live concert on Easter Sunday at Duomo di Milan. He will be performing alongside organist, Emanuele Vianelli.

Although the Milan Cathedrals are currently closed, they will open just for Bocelli and Vinelli on Sunday.

For more information, watch the video below posted on Andrea Bocelli’s Instagram @andreabocelliofficial.


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  1. We are Canadians. Pizzaiolas🍕. Made a bucket list trip there in September with our model son. Been around the world a lot. There’s nothing like the Duomo. Add Bocellis voice, in today’s situation OMG🙏❤️ This will be like a national funeral, and show the beauty and power of Italy. Must watch.

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