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Beat Down: Antifa Militant Messes with THE WRONG South Philly Italian Neighborhood

No battle is too big for Italians.

Ron Menzies from Grinberg News explained what happens when an ANTIFA militant comes across the wrong Italian neighborhood.

Unlike other neighborhoods, Italians do not back down when exposed to confrontation.

The Italian neighborhood includes numerous small businesses that most likely would have been negatively impacted by the riots and violence. Menzies explained, “When ANTIFA came for it, the Italians, armed with pistols, rifles, axes, and baseball bats merged into the main thoroughfare, blocking it and other tertiary streets.”

Although they hindered numerous rioters from entering their neighborhoods, one ANTIFA member learned the hard way why one should never mess with neighborhoods that have one another’s backs

Antifa militant (pictured center) came our second best after threatening to wreak havoc in South Filly neighborhood Source: Ron Menzies

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