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Italian Couple Who Met on Balcony During Quarantine Are Now Engaged

An Italian couple who met on their balconies during quarantine are now engaged. Although they lived across from one another for their entire lives, they never met until the pandemic.

The most insane part of all is they met in the same city as Romeo and Juliet.

Michele D’Alpaos who is 38 and Paola Agnelli who is 40 revealed that their relationship is one positive result of the pandemic. D’Alpaos told CNN, “It was the afternoon of March 17, when I was forced to work from home because of the lockdown.”

Michele D’Alpaos and Paola Agnelli on one of their dates. CNN

He went on to state, “I saw this beautiful girl, Paola. I was immediately struck by the beauty of this girl, by her smile. I had to know her.”

“I immediately thought, ‘What a beautiful boy’, Agnelli tol CNN. D’Alpaos explained that in Romeo and Juliet, the story ends with the both of them committing suicide and explained that he hopes theirs does not end that way.

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