Meet ‘Big Time’ Tommie – The Old School Italian Taking Instagram By Storm!

Tommie Romola, also known as 'Big Time Tommie,' has been the latest Italian-American going viral online. Many know Tommie from being on TV shows such as Carfellas and Americas Got Talent but his social media presence is just as entertaining as the shows! Recently, company Barstool Sports reposted one of Tommie's videos and he has been going viral ever since. Racking upwards of 5 million+ views on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How To Get Featured In Sly Stallone’s New Video Game!

Sylvester Stallone has officially announced a new project on Instagram! Not only did he release the news, but he is also giving fans a chance to be a part of it! The new video game is a mobile app called "Battle Strike Force" that has yet to have a release date. On the Battle Strike Force page, it describes the game as "Game that combines Hero Collection with an MMORPG starring Sylvester Stallone as Jasper Reese!"

15 Things You MUST KNOW Before Dating an Italian Girl

Let's face it, Italian women are a package deal. The saying goes, "When you marry someone, you marry their family too." These words of wisdom are especially true when it comes to dating and marrying an Italian girl. If you were to ask an Italian woman what the most salient aspect of their identity is, they would be likely to include their culture in their answer. Their culture consists of their family traditions, values, and beliefs. For Italian women, their family ALWAYS comes first. Therefore, if you do not get along with them, problems are bound to arise.

The Customs and Traditions of Italian Weddings

Each culture has its own wedding traditions that are influenced by a variety of factors, including history, religion, location, and superstitions. Italy is no different and when weddings take place here, the families often engage in a number of customs before during and after the ceremony. Whether you are of Italian origin, want a wedding with Italian influences or are simply interested in Italian culture; the customs of Italian weddings are interesting to learn more about.

Is it Sauce or Gravy? Why Italians Argue About The Term.

  Italian-Americans are pretty split (and heavily opinionated) about whether their delicious Italian Sunday sugo is called "Sauce" or "Gravy." As owner and content creator for Hardcore Italians for over 10+ years, I have seen this argument pop-up countless times. Opinions are always very one-sided and harsh. Nobody seems to care about where the term … Continue reading Is it Sauce or Gravy? Why Italians Argue About The Term.