St. Anthony Bread Rolls – Recipe by Rosella Rago

The story of Saint Anthony’s bread rolls dates back to a very touching event that occurred in Padua, Italy. One day, a woman was baking bread and left her son, Thomas, in the kitchen alone. When she returned back to the kitchen, she found her son drowning in a bucket of water. She cried and screamed hopelessly. She prayed to St. Anthony and promised him that if her son could be saved, then she would donate bread equal to the wight of him to the poor. Her prayers were answered and her son was saved. St. Anthony Rolls are still made to this day and donated to the poor.

7 Facts About “Sunday Dinner”

As the years pass, memories begin to fade. Nevertheless, one salient memory that many Italians share is Sunday dinner. Sunday dinner means sitting around the table with family members and enjoying a delicious meal and appreciating each other's presence. Many people have very hectic schedules and often fail to stop and enjoy the moment. Therefore, Sunday is the perfect time to enjoy life.

When is National Italian Heritage Month?

October is National Italian Heritage Month in the U.S. This is a fantastic celebration of all that is Italian and an opportunity for people of Italian ancestry to take pride in their culture and celebrate both Italian achievements and the lives that Italians have built in America. Here is a little about the history of National Italian Heritage Month and how American Italians celebrate their heritage in America today.

Frank Sinatra – Biography and Facts

On the 12th December 1915 a tiny Sagittarius with a perforated eardrum entered the American realm with a set of lungs that would later give him rise as one of the greatest singers of the twentieth century. Born to Anthony Sinatra, a New York fireman and Natalie (Dolly) Garavanta, a baby boy under the symbol of the archer would grow to attain a certain tenacity that would lead him toward audacious goals that held him captive until he conquered them. His aims remained high until at the age of 26 following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour he was pronounced unfit to join the armed services during World War II when he went to enlist.

7 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

Italy is often considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. A combination of beautiful cities, picturesque villages and stunning landscapes combine to create the perfect setting for romance. If you are planning a vacation with a loved one, then consider the following locations as they are the most romantic destinations in Italy.

Top Summer Festivals in Italy

Italian heritage is an important part of both the Italian-American culture and American culture as a whole. There are many festivals and events that celebrate this. Although many of these center around Colombus Day and National Italian Heritage Month, both October, there are many other festivals that take place throughout the year that honor the Italian-American culture.

All About Palm Sunday – What the Bible Tells us

Palm Sunday is one week before the resurrection of Jesus. It is the last Sunday of Lent and the first day of Holy Week. It is a day we dedicate to the remembrance of his entrance into Jerusalem which is known as the triumphal entry. The triumphal entry is mentioned in various books of the Bible including Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.