Saint Patrick: Was He Italian?

Celebrated on March 17 each year, Saint Patrick’s Day is an event to honor the life and work of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. People of Irish heritage become very patriotic on this day regardless of where they currently reside and events take place across the globe. While most people are aware of Saint Patrick’s Day, very few know much about the man himself.

How to Create an Amazing Italian Party Theme

Having a theme for a party can make it all the more exciting and there is a wide variety different themes you could choose. This may depend on factors such as the event, your personal tastes, the people you have invited and the budget. One option is to create an Italian theme for your party … Continue reading How to Create an Amazing Italian Party Theme

Romantic Italian Valentine’s Day Traditions

Many people think of Italy as the country of love and romance. While not every Italian is romantic, there are some fantastic romantic traditions for Valentine’s Day that are derived from the Italian culture. If you are looking for inspiration for how to make your Valentine’s Day romantic this year, then here are some of the romantic Italian Valentine’s Day traditions.

Italian Authorities Put Ban on New Year’s Eve Fireworks Displays!

Each part of the world has its own traditions for New Year’s Eve. A popular tradition is to set off celebratory fireworks and this is something people do no matter where you are in the world. In Italy, this is no different as right across the country, there have had many excellent fireworks displays to bring in the New Year. However, this may now be a tradition of the past in this country as the government is trying to put an end to people setting off fireworks.