Sicilian Love Cake – Recipe (Video)

Let Valerie Bertinelli show you how to make the most delicious Sicilian love cake! It includes delicious mascarpone cheese and decadent chocolate! Ingredients: 1 box chocolate cake mix, plus the ingredients called for in the directionsCanola oil, for preparing the pan Mascarpone-Ricotta Filling: 28 ounces ricotta cheese (3 1/2 cups)4 ounces mascarpone (1/2 cup) … Continue reading Sicilian Love Cake – Recipe (Video)

The Only Frittelle Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Frittelle are traditional Venetian fried dough balls that are generally served around carnival. Nevertheless, these addicting little treats are perfect for so many special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or even family get-togethers. Some frittelle are filled with ingredients such as pastry cream and zabaione while others like this one are left unfilled because sometimes less is more! This recipe from BuonaPapa has been passed down through generations and is sure to please!

Creamy Decadent Chocolate Panna Cotta – Recipe

One of the most delectable Italian desserts is panna cotta! The great thing about panna cotta is that it appears to be so upscale, but only takes minutes to make! It is made with sweetened cream and thickened with gelatin. This is an amazing recipe when you have guests over! it will truly make them feel as though they're eating at a high-class restaurant. It is smooth, chocolaty, creamy, and completely irresistible! Just add the fresh fruit of your choice on the side and enjoy!