3 Quick & Easy Italian Dinner Recipes

Now that Monday has rolled around I bet you're wondering what dinner is going to look like this week. Sometimes deciding what you want to eat for dinner is more stressfu; than physically cooking the meal. And who wants to spend hours in the kitchen after your commute home from work or school? Here are some recipes that are easy to make, contain very few ingredients and are perfect to make in bulk.

How To Make Cannoli Dip

"Leave the gun... Take the cannoli!" We all know that Hardcore Italians love their cannoli. Although nothing ever beats a classic cannoli, cannoli dip is pretty close! It's simple, not time consuming, and is always a hit at any family gathering. Not to mention, it's very tasty!! If you enjoy Italian desserts, then this recipe is a must try.  Italian chef, Laura Vitale (from Laura In The Kitchen), shows us two great ways to makes cannoli dip. Just follow along in the video below and let us know how it comes out! Enjoy!!

The Italian Love for Cooking with Offal

In some countries, the offal is discarded as it is considered a poor person’s food and not worthy of presenting as a meal. In Italy, on the other hand, offal is an important ingredient in many of its traditional dishes. While some are delicious, there are others that are a more acquired taste. Here are some Italian dishes made with offal.

Nutella Raspberry Tart with Chocolate Ganache Recipe

This amazing Raspberry Tart recipe incorporates a variety of delicious ingredients including Stella D'oro chocolate margherite cookies, mascarpone, nutella, and fresh raspberries! Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven! This recipe is the perfect Valentine's Day dessert that is sure to have anyone who tries it falling in love.