Yes Italians Can Have Light Hair and Blue Eyes

It is a common misconception that Italians must look a particular way. The stereotype is that Italians have dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. Nevertheless, hair and eye color vary in Italy and so does skin tone! It is not uncommon to see Italians with lighter eye and hair shades. Italians have all different eye colors including brown, hazel, green, and blue. There are blonde, brunette, and red-haired Italians. The more North you move in Italy the more frequently you will see Italians with blue eyes. The map below illustrates this trend.

News Anchor Chris Cuomo Threatens Man Who Called Him “Fredo” EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo threatened to throw a man down the stairs for calling him "Fredo" referring to The Godfather. He claimed that it is an insult to Italian people and went on to say that it is like the "N" word to Italians. He was totally outraged and reacted fast. The video has gone viral. CNN backed Chris Cuomo for reacting the way he did. A CNN Anchor stated, "Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup we completely support him." However, the president did not back him for reacting this way whatsoever.

Jimmy Kimmel & Sebastian Maniscalco Reveal Secrets of the Italian “Evil Eye” Superstition

Jimmy Kimmel and Sebastian Maniscalco sit down to discuss several aspects of being Italian including the belief in the evil eye! Some Italians believe that the malocchio is a condition of unluckiness that is given to you by someone else. That is why they learn ways to protect themselves from the evil eye. The two mention some ways that people try to curse you with the evil eye and methods to know if you have been cursed. Make sure you do not get the evil eye and shop Italian horn keychains here!