Studies Show People Who Talk With Their Hands Are More Warm, Agreeable, and Energetic

Take some time to become more aware of your habits while communicating. Do you often use hand gestures? If so, this actually says a lot about your personality!

If you walk into an Italian home, you will likely never see family members sitting silently. You will see people talking while using many different hand gestures. This can be interpreted as a method of displaying passion and Italians are often considered to be extremely passionate individuals. Research has found that people who use their hands to communicate are generally warm, agreeable and energetic! On the other hand, those who do not communicate with their hands are often less warm and more analytical.

St. Anthony’s Day: 5 Things to Know About The Feast Day

St. Anthony of Padua was born Fernando Martins de Bulhões in Portugal in 1195 to a very wealthy family. As many Italian-Americans know, he is the patron saint of lost things. He was one of the most rapidly canonized saints in the history of the church. He is remembered for his unconditional love and devotion towards the poor and the sick. Today, he is still celebrated in many areas of the world.