The Sopranos First-Ever Fan Convention – Meet the Cast!

Can you believe that it has already been two decades since The Sopranos aired? Although the television series aired in 1999, we continue to discuss the impact it has had on society today and the ways that it has changed television as we know it

Top 7 Enjoyable Things to Do in Vicenza, Italy

Located in the northeastern part of Italy in the Veneto region is the city of Vicenza. It is within easy traveling distance of Venice but the accommodation is cheaper than staying in Venice. It is a cosmopolitan city that lies on the Bacchiglione River and has a rich and interesting history. If Vicenza is a city you choose to visit, then there are plenty of things to see and do in this city and the surrounding area during your stay.

The BREATHTAKING Pontine Islands of Italy

Italy boasts more than 450 islands and approximately 350 of these are sea islands. The Pontine Islands are located just off the coast of Campania in the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, the islands are actually part of Lazio. There are six islands in the Pontine archipelago; Ponza, Palmarola, Santo Stefano, Zanone, Gavi, and Ventotene. These islands cover 22 nautical miles and only two f the six are inhabited.

Top 9 Exciting Things to Do in Padua, Italy

f you are visiting the north-eastern regions of Italy, then the most popular choices are usually Venice or Verona. However, these are also two of the most expensive options. A great alternative when you want to explore this part of Italy is to stay in Padua. Not only is this city a lot cheaper, it also has a wide range of attractions for visitors without them needing to venture elsewhere.

Italy Named “Most Desirable” Vacation Destination (With Pictures)

When many stop to think about a beautiful vacation destination, they often think of tropical locations such as The Bahamas, Aruba, or Bora Bora. Nevertheless, according to a survey, the most desirable vacation destination is actually Italy! Tourism is very popular in Italy, rightfully so! Italy is overflowing with art, architecture, music, and food. The culture of the country is truly incomparable.