8 Habits of Italian Mothers

Have you ever noticed that your mother does things a little bit differently than all of your non-Italian friends' moms?

In fact, you may have even adopted these habits for yourself after growing up in an Italian household. (Which is totally not a bad thing!)

With that being said, let's dive into this list of 8 customs and habits that Italian mothers have (and are proud of.

18 Things Italians Can’t Live Without

Lets face it... As Italian-Americans, we wouldn't be able to survive without certain things in our life! 

On Facebook, we asked our social media followers to comment "One thing an Italian can't live without." We were overwhelmed with hilarious responses! I compiled a list of the top answers.  So here are the top 18 things Italians can't live without, submitted by the Hardcore Italians Family!

Sfinci Recipe (Traditional Sicilian Donuts)

Also known as Zeppole, Sfinci are traditional Sicilian donuts. They are a specialty of Palermo! These delicious donuts are light and fluffy and ricotta in them makes them creamy. They are perfect for any occasion! Although they can be eaten any time of the year, they are commonly made to be eaten on the 19th of March which the holy day of San' Giuseppe (St Joseph), and also on Christmas.  They are best eaten warm!

6 Things That Happen When You Piss Off An Italian Girl

Italian girls are known for their beauty, passion, ... and TEMPERS! If you mess with an Italian girl, don't expect to get away without a scratch.

On January 9th 2017, we asked the Hardcore Italian Famiglia to name some things that happen when you piss off an Italian girl. We threw together the top responses and listed them in this blog post. You can view the Facebook post here: Piss Off An Italian Girl

Special thanks to Jennifer, Megan, Rich, Robyn, and Frank for ringing in the top comments!