Conducting Business with Italians

More than ever, business is taking place on an international level with people from different countries working alongside each other. While some of this takes via distant communication, there are some occasions when business people need to meet face-to-face. If you are working with Italians, either in Italy or in your own country, then it is important that you understand how Italians conduct business.

Top Italian Presenters

Like in most cultures, television is an important element of the lives of Italians and families gather together in the evening to watch the news, soap operas, documentaries, and other popular television programmes. These programmes are made interesting by the talent of television presenters. Here are some of the most famous television presenters who have worked in Italian television in the last few decades.

Greates Types of Italian Bread

Like in many countries, bread is one of the staple foods in the Italian diet. It is served with fillings, as an accompaniment to meals or used to soak up oils, gravy or sauces. The choice of bread in Italy extends far beyond white or brown and a loaf or a bread roll. There is a vast choice of bread to choose from. Here is a list of 20 of the most common breads you will find in Italy.