20 Signs You Grew Up In An Italian Household

ing Italian is not just an ethnicity, it's an entire way of life. If you grew up in an Italian household, you likely experienced things that are very unique. For example, you and your cousins most likely sat at the "kid's table" during family dinners. You were allowed to drink wine at a young age and often times it was mixed with 7 Up. All of these memories are part of your Italian-American culture and they should be cherished and reflected on! Take a trip down memory lane and read these 20 signs that you grew up in an Italian household!

9 Sports That Are Popular in Italy

When thinking of sports played and watched by Italians, it is usually soccer that springs to mind. However, Italians love to participate in or watch many different sports. Regardless of what their favorite sport is or which team they support, the Italians are very passionate and enthusiastic players and fans. Here are the top ten sports enjoyed by Italians.

Top 5 Things That Every Italian Mom Says

For most Italians, the family is very important. At the heart of every Italian family is the mother. Italian Mammas are well-known for being nurturing and are often very protective of their children, even when their children reach adulthood. Anyone who has grown up in an Italian household will have heard their mother spouting the same clichés repeatedly while they were growing up. Recognize any of these phrases?