​Lamborghini’s are some of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world. This Italian car is also greatly desired and admired by car enthusiasts. Here are 12 interesting facts about these Italian supercars.


  1. It was founded in 1963 and is named after the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini.
  2. The company originally made tractors. They began to make cars after Ferruccio Lamborghini had a problem with the clutch on his Ferrari and decided to buildhis own car rather than buy one.
  3. The 350 GTV was the first Lamborghini ever made in 1963.
  4. 370 kilometers per hour is the top speed of the Murcielago R-Gt, which is the fastest Lamborghini in the world.
  5. Although the company is Italian, many of the cars are given names of Spanish legends.
  6. The Gallardo has a v10 engine. However, all other Lamborghinis have a v12 engine.
  7. The most cars Lamborghini has sold in a single year was 2,580 in 2007.
    Both Lamborghini and Audi are now owned by Volkswagen AG.
  8. $1,600,000 was paid for a Lamborghini Reventon; the most money paid for a Lamborghini of all time.
  9. The home of Lamborghini is Sant’Agata Bolognese so this is the only place where the sight of a Lamborghini is not rare.
  10. The Murcielago SV is made predominantly from carbon fiber with the exceptions of the doors and roof which are made from steel. This vehicle is handcrafted by as many as 130 people.
  11. The bull logo of the Lamborghini was chosen by the founder because his star sign was Taurus.
  12. The Italian state police have two Gallardos that are provided by Lamborghini. These are used to transport organs from one hospital to another for patients waiting for organ transplants.
Main Image: Pexels

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