“Vivo per lei”, or “I Live for Her” is a song originally written by Italian artist Andrea Bocelli. He released the duet with artists Giorgia Tordrani on his album Bocelli in 1995. Bocelli has sung this beautiful song with many other female vocalists as well including Marta Sánchez, Hélène Ségara, Judy Weiss, and Bonnie Tyler. 

English Lyrics

I live for her

I live for her since you know
I first met her
I don’t remember how, but
she entered my soul and she stayed there.
I live for her because she makes
my heart vibrate strongly
I live for her and it’s not a burden.
I live for her also, you know it
and don’t be jealous for that
she belongs to everyone who
has an unsatiable need
like a radio in a room
of the one who is alone but now knows
that she’s also for him, and that’s why
I live for her.
She’s a muse that invites us
to softly touch her with our fingers
Through a piano
death is far away
I live for her.
I live for her, she often knows
how to be sweet and sensual
sometimes it hits you in the head
but it’s a punch that doesn’t hurt.
I live for her, I know she makes me
travel from town to town
I suffer a little, but at least I live for her.
I feel pain when she leaves
I live for her inside the hotels
She grows with a great pleasure
I live for her in a whirl.
Through my voice
it expands and gives birth to love.
I live for her, I have nothing else
and how many others will I find/meet
who have written on their face:
I live for her.
I live for her
up on a stage or against the wall…
I live on the edge for her.
…even if tomorrow will be rough.
I live to the limit for her.
Every day
a conquest
the protagonist
will always be her.
I live for her because from now on
I have no other way out
because you know
I’ve never truly betrayed music.
I live for her because she gives me
pauses and notes in freedom
If I had another life, I’d live it
I’d live it for her.
I live for her – the music
I live for her.
I live for her, she’s unique
I live for her
I live for her
I live
for her.
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