7 Signs You Might Be Italian

Being Italian-American comes with some unique differences! Here are "7 Signs You Might Be Italian", hand-picked from our social media post. 


Being Italian-American comes with some unique differences! Here are “7 Signs You Might Be Italian”, hand-picked from our social media post.


1) You get tan in 5 minutes


It doesn’t take long for most Italians to get tan. One day in the sun, and you’re set!


2) You shake at the sight of a wooden spoon


The wooden spoon was used for sauce every Sunday. However, the rest of the week… it was a weapon of a** destruction! Every Italian knows that when the spoon was pulled out on you as a kid, you run, and you run fast!


3) You never have just a one-course meal


When the family gathers around the table, there is never a shortage of food! Italian mothers do not want anybody to leave the table still hungry. Italians also like to enjoy their meals and value the experience of gathering around the table with family.


4) You use hand gestures… even on the phone


Hand gestures are important to Italians, because of their desire to put more expression behind what they say. It’s natural! Even when the other person can’t see you, the habit always kicks in.


5) It takes forever to hug/kiss goodbye


There are several goodbyes before you finally leave. Usually, you have to say goodbye to about 100 people. Each person will stop you for a final conversation before you leave. This can take HOURS! So plan on leaving earlier if you need to be home.


6) You can cook for 150 people, no problem


Used to cooking for a big family. 150 people is a piece of cake!


7) You eat salad after the main course


A lot of Italian families eat salad after dinner is served. Usually, because the dinner makes you feel extremely stuffed. Having something light afterward can help.






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