Find out What Your Italian Last Name Means

Is your name on the list?

Is your name on the list?

Vitali: means “Life”.

Ferrari: means “Blacksmith”.

Angelo: means “Angel”.

Amato: means “Beloved” or “Dear one”.

Venturi: means “Good luck”.

Tedesco: means “German”.

Ricci: means “Curly.”

Riva: Someone who lived by a river.

Zappa: means “Farmer”.

Guerriero: means “War”.

Fontana: means “Someone who lived by a spring”.

Zunino: means “ from northern Italy”.

Barone: “Free man”.

Nicastro: means “New camp”.

Trevisan: means “Alchemist”.

Bruno: means “Brown”.

Favero: means “Craftsman”.

Quattrocchi: means “Four Eyes”.

Conti: means “Control”.

Schiavone: means “Slavs”.

Rana: means “Frog”.

Uberti: means “Manufacturer”.

Pedrotti: derived from “rock”

Carbone: Dark features

Pecora: someone from Southern Italy

Desantis: means “Holy”.

Nicotera: means “Miracle of victory”.

Paternoster: means “Our father”.

Ferrari: means “Blacksmith”.

Milano: mean “From Milan”

Luciano: means “Light”.

Udine: means “City in northeastern Italy”.

Viola: means “Violet”.

Bianchi: means “White”.

Colombo: means “Dove keeper”.

Russo: means “Nobility”

Messana: means “From Sicily”.

Farina: means “Flour”.

Siciliano: Derived from Sicilia

Fiore: means “Flower”.

Orsini: means “Bear strong”.

 Longo: means “Tall”


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  1. Lol – Pecora means someone from southern Italy…while tru in my family case, it means “lamb/sheep” – this was a FAIL of epic lazyness

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