8 Signs You Have an Italian Grandmother

Italian Nonna's are truly one of a kind. If you are Italian, you can relate!

Italian Nonna’s are truly one of a kind. If you are Italian, you can relate!

Photo Credit: Rod Long on Unsplash

1. Outspoken

One thing your Nonna was never afraid to do, was speak her mind! If she has an opinion on something, chances are she will tell you. 

2. Generous 

Ever show up to Nonnas, have a 5 course meal, and get sent home with lots of leftovers? This is typical when you visit your Nonna. She has no problem spending her whole day preparing your favorite meals and sending you home with more. Not only that, but she always sent you home with some money as well! If she had only $20 left in her wallet, she would have no problem giving you it just to make you happy.

Not only was it material things, but chances are she was generous with taking care of you and teaching you about life and Italy.

3. Great Cook

Nothing compares to a Sunday meal at Nonnas. There is not a single Italian dish she did not make well. The sugo was made fresh and took the whole day to prepare. In fact, everything is so good that you get aggravated at Italian restaurants because it is just not the same. The old school family Italian recipes are unlike anything on this earth. Even if you follow her recipe, it just never tastes as good the way she makes it!

4. The Accent

English was most likely her second language and although she spoke it very well, you can still hear the Italian accent! Except when she had to swear, that was definitely coming out in Italian!

5. Short

Lets be honest, you passed your Nonna in height by the time you were just 7 years old. As a kid it is always hard to tell if you are growing bigger, or if she is just shrinking. It is usually a little bit of both!

6. Overprotective

When you’re around your Nonna, it is important to watch what you say, what you wear, and what you do. They will always be looking out for you no matter what! Do not even think about showing up in the middle of winter without a jacket because you will get an earful and be forced to stay in until you put on warmer clothes.

7. Hard Working

Your Nonna never had it easy and never complained. All of her life she did what she had to do to get by. Between being a wife, mother, and grandmother, it is pretty unbelievable to image how she got it all done and made it look so easy!

8. Family Oriented

Family comes first, Period. Nothing else is important to your Nonna except family. Italian Nonna’s do everything they can to prevent arguing and keep peace in the family. A family will never get broken up while Nonna is still around! There are many other traits that Italian Nonna’s are known for! But most of it cannot be put into words. The love that they provide for others is enough to make the world go around! I wouldn’t trade my Nonna for anything on Earth.

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