We all know Italy is a breath-taking place to live in! However, with there being so many different cities, how do you choose?

We compiled a list of the top 14 areas picked by our audience. You can view the benefits of each region! See which one sounds most appealing to you.


14. Bergamo

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Bergamo is an old city located in Lombardy. If you love ancient cities with beautiful views (especially sunrises) this is for you!


13. Trento

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Trento is located in Northern Italy and is, surprisingly, often overlooked as a place to move to! The city ranks highly among many statistics such as quality of life, the standard of living, job opportunities, and wealth.


12. Parma

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This place is for the cheese heads! Although it is famous for Parmesan cheese, it has beautiful architecture. These include museums, churches, and palaces.


11. Pisa

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One of the most photographed places in all of Italy! (Mainly people taking images holding up the leaning tower, but hey, still counts!).

Pisa is mainly known for the tower but has a rich history and other attractions that are very enjoyable.


10. Palermo

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This one is for the Sicilians! Palermo sits at the capital of Sicily. Entertainment is one of the major benefits and is famous for opera performances, architecture, and markets


9. Bologna

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The largest city and capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna is one of the older cities in Italy, which means that it is a historical city to live in.


8. Florence

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Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Students are a large percentage of the population, which makes it a great place for those who want something more vivid.


7. Bari

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Bari is located in Puglia and next to the Adriatic Sea. If you are looking for a place by the water, Bari is a great option due to the many harbors. The town is also very unique containing narrow streets, maze-like layout, and older style.


6. Amalfi Coast

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If you enjoy the views, this is your best bet! The Amalfi Coast is a very popular holiday destination for this reason. The landscape is absolutely beautiful with many cliffs, shorelines, and beaches.


5. Naples

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If you want some excitement, visit Naples! You can climb the still active volcano, Mount Vesuvius. There are also many areas nearby that contain a lot of history and important art.


4. Venice

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If you want to live a fairy tale, then here you are. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, with magical architecture and friendly people.


3. Turin



Turin is the capital city of Piedmont and is known for delicious cuisine. There are many fascinating structures, cafes, buildings, and towers!


2. Milan

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Milan is the global capital of fashion and design! However, it is also known for universities, the cosmopolitan, the stock exchange, and many high-end restaurants and shops. Definitely a very fun and unique place in Italy!


1. Rome

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Rome simply has it all! There is so much to do you will never look back. During the day, you can roam around (pun intended) and discover amazing historical sites, archaeological sites, and museums. At night, you can be a part of the nightlife!


Which place in Italy are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments!





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