When many stop to think about a beautiful vacation destination, they often think of tropical locations such as The Bahamas, Aruba, or Bora Bora. Nevertheless, according to a survey, the most desirable vacation destination is actually Italy! Tourism is very popular in Italy, rightfully so! Italy is overflowing with art, architecture, music, scenery, and food. The culture of the country is truly incomparable.

Among indiviudals residing in 97 countries, including most of Europe, Canada, and the US, Italy was the most commonly searched vacation destination! This is based on a study by a frequently used traveling website called Travel Super Market.

The way the survey worked is it used Google’s Keyword Planner with all different languages. By using keywords, individuals were able to calculate the average search volume for different travel destinations. There were over 870 destinations that the engine searched for! The title they were searching for was ‘Holidays in X’ and Italy came up the most! According to Joey Tyson, a Travel Editor at TravelSupermarket.net, Italy receives over 226,860 monthly hits which is much more than many other countries! The country was followed by Greece, Austalia, and France.



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