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Top 8 stunning Italian Destinations

Italy is named one of the most beautiful countries in the world . There are so many places to explore.

8. Rome

Everyone has to go visit Rome at some point in their life. There is so much history that you can see as well as the Vatican. The Colosseum is a must see  when you visit the eternal city.

7. Forest Umbra, Puglia

Foresta Umbra (Forest of Shadows) is the last remnant of Puglia’s ancient forest of Aleppo pines, oaks, and beech trees. Here you are only a 30-minute drive from Vieste. Here you can hike or bike the gorgeous trails. 

6. Lake Como

Lake Como is where most of the tourists go. But it is a must see type of destination when you go visit Italy. Ferries are the best way to experience Lake Como during the day. A day pass for the ferries costs €15. One way tickets are also available and cost €4.60 depending on where you are coming from.

5. Almalfie Coast

Most people visit the Alamalfie Coast to see a few iconic landmarks. The landmarks that are most popular in the Almalfie Coast are the town of Ravello, the Almalfie Town, and lastly the Arechi Castle. 

4. Pompei

Pompei is one of the top destination spots in Italy. There is so much histroy and stunning landscapes. Most people visit Pompei for a day trip. In Pompei you will. be able to expiereince the ancient ruins of the city. It does cost some money to get into the city. 

3. Bolzano

There are a lot of gorgeous places to visit in the town of Bolzano like the flower market, Monte Sant’Angelo, and Foresta Umbra. You can take eneldess pictures through out your trip. In Bloanzo there are so many hidden gems because it is not as touristy. Here are some hotels to stay at Capitol Rooms, Art & Design Hotel Napura, or the Parkhotel Laurin.

2. Portifino Piazzetta

Everyone should make a trip to Portifinio, Italy because it is one of the worlds pretieist destination spots. The town is filled with cafe’s, five star hotels, and amazing resturants. If you are looking to visit Italy’s upper class definitly go to Portifino because the fashion creators Louie and Chanel live here!

1. Gargano Coastline and Sea Caves

The best time to travel to the Grandgano Coastline and Sea Caves is during the summer. You can explore the coasline by boat or on your own. Here you can also jump off cliffs into the beaches as well. There are watersports providided for families to play. The sea caves have colorful rocks to sail through and take pictures of!



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