Italy’s Cinque Terre Coastline Offers to Pay for Your Schooling

There is a village on the Cinque Terre that is trying to stay open because they are running low on their budget. It is located in Riomaggiore which is a fishing village. The coast line became a huge tourist destinations which is why they need more locals there so they tourists do not take over.

Unfortunately, the school does not have enough students to continue the school. The people who own it are offering kids and their families €2,000 (£1,750) to attend the school. It is located in Liguria which there are apartments are turned into bed and breakfasts and some homes are as well. A lot fo families are struggling to find home to live in because of the tourists taking over their homes. Over 3,000 tourists visit every year. 

They also have a school for elementary kids and hey are desperate for people to join that and they even. The population of  has dropped to 1,400, with around 50 children attending the primary school. Tourists were even caught in a cemetery in the village of Manarola having a picnic. The tourists are taking over the village and the locals need help to save the schools there so the kids can learn!



  • Main Image: Picture of Italy {Unsplash}

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