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A Hermit In Italy Explains Why Self Isolation Is The Way To Go

Have you wondered how people are living all by themselves during hard times? This hermit who is living in Italy has been isolated on an Island by himself. Here is his story and some things he does in his spare time! We could all use his advice right now!

A man named Mauro Morandi has been living by himself for over 30 years. He lived in an island near the Mediterranean Sea. He described how he was watching the Corona Virus take over the world. He arrived on the Island unintentionally. Morandi was sailing and he got lost and landed on the island but then he decided to stay because he loved the amazing sunsets. During the night he sleeps in a little cottage because he loves waking up to nature. The man claims that he believes he is on the safest place on earth. The only thing he has to worry about though is getting food because people bring it to him and now he is going to have to wait just a bit longer then usual.


He also has an Instagram page if you would like to check it out!


Main Image: Island {Unsplash}

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