Fabio Ingrassia Painting – With Every Hospital Donation You will Recieve a Signed Copy

Italian artist Fabio Ingrassia and musician Alessandro Quarta created a touching video together displaying their current emotions and their message of hope.

In his Instagram post above, Fabio Ingrazzia stated, “The task of an artist is to tell with the hope of thrilling, communicating … But when art meets art, it speaks only one language, that of the heart … and then combining what we know best to do we thought that this emotion can serve something more … to help an emergency that is affecting the whole world.

With a small donation of even 5 euros, you can help us support the hospitals of our cities Marsala and Lecce that are located in great difficulties ❤️ just send the donation screen to the hospitals at dona.dipingerelamusica@gmail.com and we will send you by email the copy of the painting signed by both in high definition, which you can when you want to print it or leave it digitally❤️ A small gesture for a great cause.”

Below are more examples of his Fabio’s work. Be sure to follow his Instagram @fabio_ingrassia_faodesign.

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