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Hardcore Italians donates $17,000 for COVID-19 Relief in Italy

Thank you all for participating in our #ItalyStrong campaign.

Last update: May 1st, 2020

The Story

On Friday (3/27/2020), We released the Italy Strong Charity Tee to help support Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

100% of the profits from this t-shirt donation will be donated to relief for Italy.

The idea began because of the pressure COVID-19 has put on Italy. 

Italy is suffering though heart-breaking times. They currently have the most deaths in the world from COVID-19, and one of the highest death per million people percentages. 

At Hardcore, we felt that we wanted to do our best to help our brothers and sisters in Italy. We created one hundred tees and began a campaign to push the profits towards a donation.

The Release

Upon release, we immediately sold out. The response from our customers was amazing. It is heartwarming to see so many people wanting to contribute to helping Italy during a difficult time. 

The first batch of orders were sent out on the following Monday.

Sending Orders

Once we restocked, we sold out again. This has happened several times and over 800 tees have been shipped from our Distribution Center over the first week of shirt sales.

How Shirts Are Made

All tees on our website are Silk-Screened. This process takes longer, but it improves the quality dramatically. Where competitors t-shirts last 50-100 washes, Hardcore tees last 500+ washes. 

It’s safe to say we have all been working our culo’s off!

The Donations

On Wednesday, April 8th 2020 Hardcore donated $13,000 USD to IRCCS OSPEDALE SAN RAFFAELE for COVID-19 research and relief. 

On May 1st 2020, we followed up with another donation of $4,000.

The current running total is $17,000 donated. Here are the proof of transactions!

Donation #1

Donation #2

How the money was used

The San Raffaele hospital was recommended by The National Italian-American Foundation for Coronavirus Relief.

The donation went towards medical equipment for COVID-19. This includes fans, non invasive ventilation devices, hemodynamic monitoring, and monitors. The funds directly help the hospital strengthen intensive care.

Once the Milan hospital reached their goal, we decided to help another fundraiser by The Italian Embassy in Washington DC. 

The funds will be devolved to three Italian medical and research institutes that have been at the forefront of the outbreak and continue to relentlessly fight the pandemic:

– the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome,
– the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, 
– the Cotugno Hospital in Naples.



Who Made It Possible

Although we put the donation through, we understand that it wasn’t us who made this possible, it was our fans!

We have asked each customer to take a picture showing off that they supported, all fan photos will be attached to this article!

Final Notes

Although the number of cases per day in Italy has slowed, the health care system is overwhelmed.

We still have the tee for sale if you are still interested in purchasing and being a part of the cause.

We do realize America is also starting to suffer more and more each day, so we will be ending this campaign shortly to further focus on keeping our home safe.

Thank you for reading, donating, and support our page. We wish you and your families safety and health during this difficult time.

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