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104-year-old Italian Woman Survives Two World Wars and Coronavirus 🙏🏼🇮🇹 🙌🏼

According to the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, a 104-year-old woman from Biella, Italy by the name of Ada Zanussi has survived the coronavirus. Not to mention, she has also survived two world wars. “Nona Ada” was born in Veneto in 1916 and moved to Residenza Maria Grazia, near Biella quite recently.

The fact that 20 other residents in her nursing home did not survive the virus makes her recovery even more miraculous. She tested positive for the virus in March and her family was unable to visit her.

According to la Repubblica, “She already gets out of bed and sits in a chair” – says her doctor Carla Furno Marchese – “and she has lost none of her lucidity and intelligence. Her recovery is a great joy and a reward for all those who have cared for her in these difficult days.”

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  • Main Image: Ada Zanussi [La Repubblica]

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