Has the Curve Finally Flattened in Italy?

With Italy recording the lowest amount of COVID-19 related deaths just yesterday (April 12), it leaves many people with the question; has the curve finally flattened in Italy?

It is safe to say that with Italy being in lockdown for 35 days, having an amazing amount of support, donations and help from medical professionals all over the word, the curve has finally flattened.

While Italy remains in lockdown for another 3 weeks, there has been a lot of pressure on the government by many businesses to have this lockdown lifted as soon as possible as have suffered tremendously.

It is said that if the lockdown is lifted on May 3rd, the Italian economy will decrease by 6%, however as the curve has flattened there has been a sense of ease amongst Italian residents.

Some smaller shops and restaurants in Italy will reopen within the next few days however they are worried they will struggle with a small amount of customers.


Main Photo by MSNBC

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