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A Scene from The Sopranos Inspires Italian American Author’s New Novel

Inspired by a scene from The Sopranos and the film Robin Williams film, What Dreams May Come, Anthony Sciarratta brings you his second novel, “The Letter.”

This is Sciarratta’s second  novel with another Italian American protagonist, and stays true to the staples of Italian themes and culture in America.

“The Letter” centers around a famous writer named Victor Esposito, who mysteriously dedicates every novel he’s ever written to one woman. His trademark protagonist fits the description of Eva Abrams, the bright-eyed and blonde Long Island housewife. This secret is held in the heart of Abrams, who is the only one that knows this dark secret.

Tragedy suddenly strikes Victor’s life when a courageous act leaves him in a coma, sparking the memories of a ten-year-old love affair to come roaring back to Eva’s mind, uprooting her quiet Long Island life.

Through a series of dreams and visions, Victor and Eva visit each other in a world and reality that they aren’t quite sure is even real, taking place in form of purgatory.

For all of you Sopranos fans out there, this is reminiscent of Tony Soprano’s series of visions and journey between life and death he experiences while in a coma.

“The Letter” is set to be released on April 28, wherever books are sold. However, it is currently available for pre-order. Sciarratta is currently running a promotion, offering four lucky winners to take home signed copies of his books with a personal message of their choice. All they have to do to enter themselves is pre order a e-copy of “The Letter” on their format of choice and tag his Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page. Four winners will be chosen at random.

Two winners will receive an advance copy of “The Letter” and two will receive Sciarratta’s first novel, “Finding Forever: A 1970s Love Story.”

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