Top 8 Joe Avati Italian Jokes

Top jokes from Italian comedy legend, Joe Avati.


Joe Avati is an Italian-Australian comedian who is very popular amongst Italians!

At Hardcore Italians, we consider him an Italian comedy legend! He has tons of hilarious jokes that you can enjoy, so we compiled a blog of some of our favorites! 

Be sure to check out the end of the blog post, where I talk about my personal experience meeting Joe!

Our Favorite Jokes

1. Italian Wedding Speech
2. Italian Mums
3. Can Your Uncle Speak English
4. Italian Wedding Speech & Baby Names
5. Getting In Trouble
6. Growing Up With Nonna
7. Nonno's Hot Peppers
8. Italians & Food

Meeting Joe

On January 19th 2020, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at the Arcada Theater in the Chicagoland area.

I sat down and interviewed Joe before his show but unfortunately, all the footage was lost 😭

I quickly learned that Joe is a very nice and friendly guy. At first, we discussed our similar passion of bringing joy to people interested in Italian culture and heritage. I found out that we had similarities such as we are both Calabrese, have a mission, and enjoy comedy. Also differences from Australia and America (and the brutally cold Chicago weather). 

Next, I asked, “Do you need to rehearse before you go on stage?” He told me he didn’t need to warm up or practice and he was ready to go.  I found it remarkable how at ease and comfortable he was before performing to a full crowd he hasn’t visited in over 20 years. After we finished speaking, he got up in stage and had everybody in tears from laughter. 

After the show, we exchanged t-shirts and DVDs and parted ways. Since I am only 25 and looking to grow my part in this community as well, I find that Joe is definitely someone I can look up to, as he is a clear talented professional who has earned his spot through hard work!

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Final Thoughts

What is your favorite Joe Avati joke? Have you ever seen Joe perform live? Do you follow him on social media? Let us know your experience in the comments!


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  1. I don’t foolow Joe, but after watching his clips I think I will. That being said, I’ve never seen him perform either. I too am Calabrese, which makes everything about hi more intriguing. 😉 Fromthe clips I’ve seen I liked Nononos hot peppers. So funny.

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