Why I Invested in An Axe Throwing Sports Bar!


Last year (2019), I invested a small percentage in an Axe Throwing Sports Bar, called The Chill Axe

I have kept the investment quiet for a long time, as I knew it would take months before it had a chance to open. The location where it is located is part of a huge reconstruction of a plaza in Aurora, IL. 

When dealing with construction with an investment, it is important to have patience. You have to get permits, approvals, deal with contractors, etc. It takes a long time.

After a few push backs, we were planning on opening the bar in April. Of course, a pandemic the world has never seen before hits the week we were planning to open, causing a lockdown of all restaurants and bars in Illinois!

Here is some photos of the construction process

Why I Invested

In college, I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The book literally changed the way I forever thought about money. I was so interested in the topic, I quickly read all Robert Kiyosaki books (such as Cashflow Quadrant) and many more books in the Entrepreneurship field.

I’ve committed myself to becoming a business owner and investor (A.K.A. BI Quadrants). I made a huge commitment with Hardcore Italians to run the company full time, get a warehouse and employees. I constantly work on Hardcore every single day with all of my passion. However, I know that if this is my career path, I need to continue to make moves in the entrepreneurial field.

The perfect opportunity came a long for me. My friend from business school told me he was looking for investors for an Axe Throwing Sports Bar. All of the other investors involved are very experienced.

I also strongly believe that entertainment is the future. Although a huge pandemic will slow this path and put more restrictions on it, owning an e-commerce business really has shown me what the new normal of the world is. Less people will shop at stores and order what they need from home. People will only go out to create experiences and have fun as this is intangible. Axe Throwing is fun, unique, and stress-relieving. 

My Thoughts

I would never recommend to do an investment like I did. I believe it was the right move for me as I am still young and willing to learn. Whether the business fails or not, it is a win in my book, because I know I will walk away with knowledge in my area of passion. I will only be one step closer at the end of the day.

Bar Updates

Currently, we are waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to settle. Once Illinois re-opens businesses, we will plan a soft opening and eventually a grand opening. We are being patient and taking it slow. Safety is the most important concern at all times!

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