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Italy Prepares to Return to Work While Still Social Distancing

After nearly two months of remaining in their homes and obeying by Italy's strict lockdown rules, residents of Italy will now have to face the challenge of returning to work while still practicing social distancing.

Starting Monday May 4th, approximately 2.7 million Italians are expected to return to work as part of Italy’s way of easing the lockdown.

While many Italians travel to work by car, motorbike or bicycle, there is still 15% of people who will use public transportation which include heavily crowded trains and buses.

As Italy experiences this return to a somewhat normalized way of living, they still fear that a second wave of infections could happen.

Many other countries will watch closely in the way Italy manages this return as they are also hopeful to regain a new sense of normality soon.

Do you think it’s too early for Italy to ease the lockdown restrictions? Share your opinions in the comments section.

Main Photo by [Flickr]

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