NEWS: Italy Announces Plan to Ease Lockdown

"Respect the rules or the curve goes back." - Giuseppe Conte

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte plans to start lifting measures of the COVID-19 lockdown on May 4th, but it has many Italian’s wondering if it is too early.

Conte has stated that parts of the economy will start to reopen in less than a week. His plan is to start with construction and manufacturing first, then have retail stores and museums open 2 weeks after.

July may be the earliest opening time for restaurants and hairdressers, but Conte also warns that by doing this it could cause a second phase of the virus spreading.

Conte still advises Italian residents that it’s still crucial to continue to practice social distancing when out in public settings.

Any thoughts on Giuseppe Conte’s decision to start lifting lockdown restrictions? Share your opinions below in the comments.

Main Photo by [Wikipedia]

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