The Beginning of Phase 2 in Italy

As of today (May 4) Italy has eased it's lockdown restrictions which leaves residents both happy and anxious.

With the ease of restrictions, over 4 million people all over Italy have returned to work atfer being confined for nearly 2 months. Workers are still required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

As for the rest of Italy, people are able to move around more freely for shopping, taking walks, going to parks, and even visiting loved ones.

The hashtags “phase2” and “May 4th” have been trending today on Twitter along with many pictures and videos from Italian residents documenting the freedom to finally leave their homes.

Photo by Dimitrios Varvaras MD, PHD

At this moment it is difficult to say whether or not Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte has made a good decision in lifting restrictions, however, with some strict rules and regulations into play, things should go as smoothly as Conte hopes.

Yesterday, Italy reported it’s lowest daily death toll of 174 which leaves Italy hopeful for a normal way of life again.


Main Photo by [Wanted in Rome]

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