Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Discovered in Italy

Has Italy successfully found a vaccine that could potentially cure COVID-19? According to reports, there have been claims that after thorough testing, they have had extremely positive results.

Takis, a biotechnology company based in Rome, Italy has stated that by testing DNA-based vaccines, they were able to induce strong antibodies against the COVID-19 spike in just 14 days. This has been a first of a vaccine for the virus since the pandemic hit.

Photo by Pixabay

As of now, the vaccine has only been tested on mice, but they have been able to block the virus from infecting any other cells while testing. Takis plans on testing on humans in the very near future since they have had great success with experimenting on mice.

The biotechnology company is cautiously optimistic about the development and they are actively looking for funding and collaborations in order to speed up the process of finally puting this pandemic to rest.


Main Photo by Pixabay

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