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The Smallest mobile Wine Bar in Italy!πŸ‘Œ

The coolest part about this truck is that you can rent it as well!

A professional voice actor who runs a PR and marketing firm, has announced the launch of her new company, β€œBubbles Mobile Bar.” Patti Genko made the truck represent a vintage look that serves beer and wine to customers around Italy!

Each Bubbles Mobile Bar features a professional Lindr quick chill tapper that can serve 500 glasses of sparkling wine or beer per hour from each of its two taps. The bar is designed to deliver the beverage at the perfect temperature and with the right amount of fizz.

The trucks measure 5-feet wide, 5 Β½ feet tall, and are no longer than 9 Β½ feet long. These types of trucks are still used today by merchants in Europe to transport their goods.


Main Image: Wine Bar {Google Images}

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