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Did this 1962 Italian Magazine Predict Life in 2022? Fact Check

The below image is going viral on the internet.

It reveals a captioned illustration from the Italian magazine called  La Domeni. Many are viewing this image and believing it to be a prediction of the coronavirus outbreak. However, the caption of the image does not mention an outbreak at all but is about traffic rather.

The caption reads, “Will we go around cities like this? Here’s how the problem of traffic in cities could be lightened, if not completely solved: tiny single-seater cars that occupy a small area…”

It should be understood that the artist Molino aimed to predict the future of metro cities due to heavy traffic. He did not intend to predict any pandemic.


  • Main Image: La Domenica del Corriere

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  1. How is this traffic any different? Or any better? And even if it’s not about COVID, we *are* being pushed into this kind of isolation. The Dutch are experimenting with glass “pods” in restaurants, serving with a long board so as to avoid as much contact as possible. No, thanks.

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