Phase 2 in Italy: A Big Step in Restarting its Economy

Today marks an important day in Italy's fight against COVID-19. After over 2 months with strict restrictions, restaurants, salons, and other shops have reopened today as a part of Italy's phase two period.

Until today, Italian residents were not allowed to meet with friends, spend time with relatives, or even go to church, but as of now, they are able to move freely within their region without any certification or form stating why they are out.

Many museums are also preparing to reopen today and this week for tourists. However, traveling to Italy from abroad won’t be in effect until June 3.

With many businesses reopening, strict rules and guidelines are still in place during phase two. Italian residents are still obligated to practice social distancing, wear masks in closed places and on public transportation, and are still banned from participating in large gatherings.

As of yesterday, Italy has recorded it’s lowest daily deaths from the virus of only 145.

What are your thoughts on Italy’s steps during phase two? Share your opinions in the comments.


Main Photo by [reuters.com]

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