‘Godfather’ Actor Stars in Film Short About the Importance of Family

‘Godfather’ actor Gianni Russo and ‘Irishman’ actor John Furino star in a short film about the dominance of social media in our everyday life.

Here is a description of “The Awakening: A Cultural Crisis.”

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. Godfather actor and original cast member, Gianni Russo, enters a restaurant for his weekly lunch. He’s taken back when he sees a mother and her children, not interacting over lunch. Her children, like many in today’s society, are more interested in their media devices instead of spending time with their family. Mr. Russo explains the importance of maintaining family values. He kindly invited the cast and crew for Sunday dinner to his home after the filming to stress the importance of his feelings on this issue and why it’s important to notice it.


This film was written and co-produced by Anthony Sciarratta and Gianni Russo created with the intention to be a student project not made for profit.

Russo released his tell-all autobiography titled, “Hollywood Godfather,” which is available wherever books are sold.

Sciarratta is the author of three books. He recently released his second novel, “The Letter,” and a book of poetry, “Faith in the Unknown.”

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