Over Two Million Gelati Consumed in Rome This Weekend 🍦

Warmer weather and lifted restrictions in Italy calls for una passeggiata (a walk) and a gelato for millions of Italians this weekend.

As this past weekend was the first post-lockdown weekend for Italians, many gelato shops in Rome have experienced a boom in business according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

Data compiled by Fiepet-Confesercenti, the Italian Federation of Public & Tourist Traders and the Italian Gelato Makers Association states that over this past weekend alone, over 240,000 kg of gelato was consumed in Rome.

Photo by Pixabay

Some of the most popular flavors amongst this large amount of gelato include; mango with anise, chocolate, and many fruit sorbets.

What do you think about this boom in gelato sales this past weekend? Share your opinions below in the comments.


Main Photo by Pixabay

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