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7 Rules to Follow in Italy After COVID-19

Italy has reopened it borders back up for tourists but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything is back to normal.

Italy still has strict rules that residents and tourists will need to follow to refrain from the virus spreading.

Here are the 10 rules that people must follow while in Italy.

1. Stay One to Two Metres Apart
It is required to keep a distance of one to two metres from other people when in public places.

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2. Wear Face Masks
Wearing a face mask is mandatory in places such as restaurants, shops, or when taking public transportation. In Italy’s northern regions, wearing a mask is mandatory whenever you leave the house.

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3. Temperature Checks
To be allowed into certain offices, buildings, shops, or restaurants, it is mandatory that you have your temperature checked. If someone has a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more they denied entry. Temperatures are also taken at airports and train stations.

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4. No Large Gatherings

Large gatherings and get together’s are still not allowed in public or at home.

people sitting in front of table talking and eating
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5. Don’t Kiss, Hug, or Shake Hands
While Italians are used to the double kiss when greeting one another, this remains forbidden along with hugging and handshaking.

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6. Wear Disposable Gloves
These are available and recommended when shopping and are also mandatory in food stores. You are to throw out the gloves when you leave to refrain from spreading germs.

person wearing white long sleeve shirt and white gloves
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7. Book in Advance
Reservations are required at restaurants, gyms, hair salons, and museums. If you don’t book in advance you may be denied access.

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Main Photo by [Unsplash]

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