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Who were the Etruscans?

We know all about the Romans and their vast empire but do you know about the people who came before them?

The Romans established an empire that spanned throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. This empire was so significant to history many forget the ancient civilization that came before them. They were the Etruscans. Here are ten facts about these ancient people.

  1. They were a major trading power in the Mediterranean between the 8th-century and 3rd-century B.C.
  2. The Etruscans were such power sea traders the Greeks used to refer to them as Scoundrel Pirates
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  3. The Romans were actually subjects of the Etruscans empire before they overthrew them
  4. The early government was a monarchy but eventually became an oligarchy 
  5. Even though the women did not have much political power, they were able to inherit property separate from the male figures in their lives
  6. Like the Ancient Greeks, the Etruscans believed in multiple gods, the leader being the god Tin
  7. The Etruscans’ priests used a holy book called ‘Etrusca disciplina’ to determine when religious ceremonies were performed and the meaning of signs and omens
  8. Florence, Pisa, and Siena are just some of the cities first established by the Etruscans
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  9. The word ‘person’ comes from the Etruscan god Phersu
  10. Early in the Etruscans civilization they would cremate their dead and entomb them in a hut structure, called an impasto, to be their second home in the afterlife 




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