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Flash Mob of Tour Guides Protested Outside the Pantheon in Rome

Update on tourism in Italy. Tour guides have been protesting.

Due to the lack of travel Italy tour guides are out of a job. They have felt like they have been overseen by the government during the pandemic. Protesters went down to the Parthenon and created a mob in front of it chanting “Without tourism Italy dies.” 3.5 million people were apart of the the flash mob. Tour guides usually work on a free lance budget.

At the Pantheon, a few locals wandered inside after having their temperatures checked. The cavernous interior would normally be swarmed by crowds.

One tour guide said that “From an economic point of view, for us, it’s a tragedy,” said Azzurra Mancini, a tour guide who had taken advantage of the protest to visit the ancient Roman temple. “The pandemic swept away the city’s thriving life,” she said. “I hope our dear Americans will soon be back with us.”


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