Sophia Petrillo’s Peak Sicilian Moments

Sophia Petrillo is one of the funniest Italian character's to ever grace the TV screen. Here are some of her best moments.

Sophia Petrillo is probably one of the best Italian characters to ever be featured on television. I know she’s Sicilian, but it still counts. I love everything about this brilliant little spitfire. Sophia showed the audience that being old doesn’t mean you have to lose your will to live. She was the mothering heart of the show that told it like it was and made no apologizes. 

 Here are 10 of Sophia Petrillo’s peak Sicilian moments.

1. In My Village We Had A Custom

2. How to Get A Free Meal

3. You Call Yourself An Italian?

4. The Peasant Girl and the Painter

5. Sophia’s Sauce

6. The Evil Eye

7. Mussolini’s Game Show

8. Sicilian Sleeping Aid

9. Chess is Like War

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  • Feature Picture: S1. Ep 24. Still Shot Golden Girls

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