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Traditional Italian Housewarming Gifts

When someone purchases a new home there are certain gifts to give to wish them success and happiness.

Italians have a rich and vibrant culture. Weddings, funerals, birthday, etc. all have special traditions that are unique and special to everyone who practices them. These traditions are especially significant when buying a new home.

Here is a list of traditional Italian gifts to give when someone purchases a new home.

Wine and Bread

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Considering these two food items are major staples in Italian cuisine it’s no surprise they would be considered an ideal house warming gift. The gifts are meant to be a wish that the homeowners never go hungry or thirsty. 

Olive Oil

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Olive Oil is a traditional gift for many different events in the Italian culture. When given to homeowners, olive oil represents good health and wellness throughout their lives. 


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When giving salt as a gift to homeowners, you are expressing your wish for flavor and/or variety to always be a part of their lives.

Sugar and/or Honey

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Sugar and honey are both given to homeowners as a wish for sweetness in their lives. Some say sugar represents the desire for sweetness, while honey represents the enjoyment of that sweetness. 


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A broom is given in hopes the homeowners can clean out any evil or negativity that may try to enter the home. 


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Candles are a symbol of light and represent the hope for the homeowners to always have light in their lives. One article suggests if multiple candles are given in different sizes and shapes it represents the inevitable changes life brings. 


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A coin is given so the homeowners may always have good fortune. 


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Wood is given as a symbol of household stability. These days, many people chose to give this gift in the form of a sign to be hung in the home. 


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A houseplant is a perfect gift if you want to show the homeowner you wish they always have life in the home. 


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If the new homeowners are newlyweds, uncooked rice is a common gift. It symbolizes fertility and a desire for many children. 


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