Rome Renames Street After George Floyd

Since the death of George Floyd, protesters and activisits worldwide have been taking a stand against racism. Even some Italian residents has done their part on joining in on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Yesterday, a street in Rome had been changed from Via dell’Amba Aradam to Via George Floyd e Bilal Ben Messaud. It is said that Messaud died in Porto Empedocle on May 20 of this year while trying to reach land, fleeing forced confinement by ship.

The name of the Amba Aradam refers to the 1936 battle which was fought by fascist troops in Ethiopia under the general Pietro Badoglio. Protesters have also asked the mayor to rename an under-construction Metro stop from “Amba Aradam-Ipponio” to something else.

Photo by Il Fatto Quotidiano

The street has been renamed to honor these two men in the fight against racism and police brutality.

What are your thoughts on the street name change? Share your opinions below.


Main Photo by [Il Fatto Quotidiano]

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