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Why You Should Never Go to Italy

Everyone always talks about how they want to go to Italy, but it's is the worst and here's why.

Italy is not that great and anyone who’s ever been will tell you the same. I’m here to show you why you should just avoid planning that trip altogether. 

Let’s start with their unkempt beaches.

Source Image


I mean have you ever seen water so blue! Why is it so vibrant?! It’s almost blinding. Definitely not worth it. 

Source Image

Who is the landscaper, because they need to be fired. They just left those rocks in the way and completely obstructed the view. 

Moving on to the countryside where everything is just the worst. 

Source Image

Look at those rolling hills! I’m feeling nauseous already. 

Source Image

That view is just awful. Does anyone really want to be able to see for miles? Not likely. 

I don’t even want to show you the cities, but I have to. You are not going to believe what you are seeing. 

Source Image

They’re just letting that building fall apart. It doesn’t even have a roof! Whoever is in charge of city upkeep is doing a terrible job. 

Source Image

Did they really need to build the city right on the water?

Source Image

I don’t even have words for whatever is happening here.

Source Image

They couldn’t even build this tower correctly. It really doesn’t inspire too much confidence in what their other structures must be like. 

Source Image

I don’t know many people who would be comfortable living in a town that could literally fall into the sea at any second, but to each their own. 

Okay, now for the worst of it, the mountains. 

Source Image

I firmly believe that nothing should ever be that tall. 

Source Image

Here we go with the blue water again. It has to be polluted there’s no other way to explain it. 

Now, I have done my best to show you the dark side of this country. Hopefully, you will take everything you have learned and look somewhere else. I will leave you with a few parting pictures as a reminder of what you won’t be missing.


Source Image
Source Image
Source Image


Feature Picture [Wikimedia]

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