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7 Reasons to Visit Spello

Here are all the reasons why you should visit one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Spello, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located in the Umbria region between Assisi and Foligno. This hidden treasure is a delight for anyone who visits. Here are seven reasons why Spello should be your next stop. 

1. It’s Not a Popular Tourist Destination 

Spello is not a frequented tourist attraction, so visitors will be able to immersive themselves in a more authentic Italian experience. You won’t have to deal with the crowds and can enjoy a leisurely pace.  The village has that small-town charm where everyone knows everybody else, and visitors are always made to feel right at home. The only time Spello does see a crowd is during their annual flower festival.

2. Roman Architecture   

You don’t have to brave the busy streets of Rome or the hours-long ride to Pompeii to see remnants of the Roman Empire. Spello’s entry is known as the Consular gate, which was built in the first century and was once connected to the Roman highway Via Flaminia. You can also visit the Venere gate and the ancient terrace Belvedere, two more perfectly preserved Roman creation. 

3. Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is rumored to have been built over a temple dedicated to Juno and Vesta. Inside this 13th-century structure, you will find the Baglioni chapel, which houses the frescos of the famous artist Pinturicchio. You can also find more his work at the Church of Sant’Andrea down the road. 

4. Piazza della Repubblica

In the village center, you will be able to wander through all the local shops and enjoy an authentic meal at a number of restaurants. This is where you will really mingle with the locals and settle in to the natural rhyme of the town. 

5. The Food

Spello isn’t bogged down by tourist traps, they are only serving authentic Italian dishes. One of the most recommended activities is a wine and truffle tasting lunch at Enoteca Properzio, you won’t regret it. You can also enjoy a meal at the hotel La Bastiglia. They locally source all their ingredients, and the staff is more than happy to help you make your selection. 

6. Gardens of Villa Fidelia 

The gardens at this 16th-century villa are a sight to behold as most Italian gardens are. There you wander through the two gardens, the original Vesuvian garden, and the Italian garden, a later 18th-century addition. You can also visit the Exedra Fountain, which features a stunning depiction of the goddess Diana. 

7. Le Infiorate di Spello

Speaking of flowers, Spello hosts their annual Le Infiorate festival, aka their flower festival, which is one of the village’s biggest events. It takes place on the Sunday after Corpus Domini, 60 days after Easter. The locals will take to the streets and create intricate flower carpets depicting various religious themes. If you only ever do one thing in Spello, attend this festival. 


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