8 Things Almost Every Italian Has Done in Quarantine

While many people viewed being in quarantine for so long as a negative thing, us Italians have been enjoying it for the most part and getting a lot of things done!

Here are 8 things almost every Italian has done during quarantine!

1. Baked, Cooked, and Tried New Recipes

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Pasta, pizzas, cakes and more. This is the first thing every Italian did with all the free time on their hands. At one point, flour was sold out in many stores around Italy!

2. Put on a Few Pounds

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Because of all the cooking and baking from Mom and Nonna, it’s normal that we we may have packed on a few pounds.

3. Cleaned The House Top to Bottom

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Even if the house was already spotless, the quarantine put you in a cleaning mood.

4. Called or Face-timed Their Italian Relatives

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Your Nonni are now professionals at video calling due to the pandemic.

5. Lost Their Temper More Than Usual

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Admit it. Being in quarantine made you a little crazy at times!

6. Knitted a Blanket or Made a Face Mask

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You needed to pick up a new hobby with all your free time and what a better time to knit or make a mask.

7. Watched Old Italian Movies

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Even without the quarantine we still watched Italian movies from time to time.

8. Drank All or Most of the Wine in the House

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If you didn’t pick up a new hobby while in quarantine, then drinking wine was what you did!

What are some things you’ve done during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below.


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