Top 20 Signs You’re at an Italian-American Wedding 🇮🇹 💍

There is nothing quite like an Italian wedding :Jordan almonds, Italians music, endless hugs and kisses, and food for days!

There is nothing quite like an Italian wedding: Jordan almonds, Italians music, endless hugs and kisses, and food for days! Here are the top 15 signs you’re at an Italian wedding!

1. There are Jordan almonds… EVERYWHERE

2. “Volare” is played on the highest volume possible at least twice

3. And so is the Tarantella

4. The bridesmaids consist of 30 cousins because there’s no way you could choose one and not the rest without causing a war

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5. It took a year to determine seating arrangements

6. There is enough cheese, prosciutto, and olives to feed an army of 9,000

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7. There are old school Italian women gossiping in Italian

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8. It takes guests 2 hours to find their seats because 90% of your family has the same name

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10. You better believe there is an open bar

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11. The veil is ESSENTIAL in Italian families

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12. There is always that one uncle trying to get everyone drunk off his homemade vino

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13. Many Italians determine how much money to give by looking back at “the book”

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

14. Every bridesmaid’s speech includes the sentence, “I can’t wait to be a godmother”.

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15. All the guests are at the church too

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16. Someone ALWAYS drags Nonna to the dance-floor regardless of how old she is

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17. The dessert table at Italian weddings is hands-down better than any other

Photo by Valentina Locatelli on Unsplash

18. There are always Italian wedding cookies baked by the family!

19. That one uncle who looks like he’s in the mafia and only makes an appearance at weddings and funerals shows up

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20. Everyone has a blast and the memories are still brought up today!

Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

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