8 Reason Why Having Italian Grandparents Is the BEST🇮🇹❤

If you have been blessed with Italians grandparents then you understand how valuable they are to have in your life and in the family.

Here are 8 reasons why having Italian grandparents is the BEST!

1. They always take your side over your parents

If you and your parents were arguing, nonna and nonno always took your side no matter what!

2. They tell the best, most interesting stories

Trascorrere del tempo con la nonna | Foto Premium
Photo by freepik

From growing up in Italy to their immigration stories, nonna and nonno have some great ones.

3. They have passed down traditions

The Tradition of Winemaking in the Italian American Home | Blog
Photo by heinzhistorycenter.org

It’s important to them that the traditions continue to live on.

4. They taught you Italian

friends - everybody speak italian - YouTube
Photo by TheFriendsChita

You didn’t need an Italian tutor, nonna and nonno taught you all the Italian you know. Even if it is a little bit of dilect.

5. You never left their house hungry

Going to Nonna's vs. Leaving Nonna's | Funny italian memes ...

You left 5 pounds heavier, $50 richer, and enough food to last you the week.

6. Nonna taught you how to cook

pasta grannies
Photo by Italy Magazine

You helped make fresh pasta and cookies with nonna

7. Nonno taught you how to work in the garden

He let you plant stuff in his giardino!

8. You could do no wrong in their eyes

Video stock Nonna, Filmati Nonna royalty-free | Depositphotos®
Photo by depositphotos

In nonna and nonnos eyes you and the rest of their grandchildren were angels.

Have another reason why having Italain grandparents is the best? Let us know in the comments below.



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