Touching Story From Italian Nurse: ” I can finally hug my child” ❤

An Italian nurse who became a symbol in Italy's battle against COVID-19 can finally hug her child again and explains it as though it is a "rebirth."

Pasqualina Conte, a lead nurse at San Carlo hospital in Milan made international headlines back in April for telling reporters that she was afraid to go close to her nine-year-old son Andrea.

When Italy had gone into lockdown, Pasualina, being a single mother had plans to send her son to his grandparents’ home in Lavello, a town located in the southern Basilicata region, but being that travel was forbidden, Pasqualina and her son Andrea spent their time in Milan.

Although testing negative every day during the lockdown, Pasqualina wanted to maintain a distance from Andrea out of fear of him possibly contracting the virus.

Photo by AP Photos

While Andrea was confused with his mothers’ decision, he later told AP reporters: “I’m proud of her, I’m very proud. She’s on the front line.” He even offered all the money in his piggy bank to help other nurses on the frontline.

On 17 July, Pasqualina was presented with a civic merit award from the mayor of Lavello.

Pasqualina accepted the award on behalf of all the healthcare professionals in Italy that have worked endlessly in the fight against COVID-19. She thanks the community for their strength and help in supporting her son.

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