10 Things in Every Italian Kitchen🥄🇮🇹

As Italians, whether we want to admit it or not, we spend majority of our time in, near. or around the kitchen. Am I right?

The kitchen is where all amazing Italian meals come from and to be able to make such great meals we need a few Italian kitchen necessities.

Here are 10 things found in every Italian kitchen!

1. Several Wooden Spoons

Whether they are used for cooking or as weapons, every Italian has got a few of these.

2. A Caffettiera or Two

This is the best and only way to enjoy espresso.

3. A Big Wooden Rolling Pin

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If homemade pasta is being made then rolling pin is a must! Or it could also be used as a weapon.

4. The “Under the Kitchen Sink Plastic Bag” Collection

Us Italians love reusuing plastic bags.

5. Yogurt, Ice Cream or Chinese Food Containers

And we reuse containers too!

6. Enough Pasta to Feed a Small Village

We are always fully stocked with important things like pasta.

7. That Big Pot for Pasta

And we have ever single size pot to cook in!

8. A Freezer Full Brim

Our freezers too need to be full just in case of company or an emergency!

9. A Stylish Apron

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We often need to protect our clothing from the sauce with a nice little apron.

10. Brioschi in the Cupboard

And in order to digest all of the great Italian food we eat, Brioschi is the staple for when we have agita.

What else can you find in an Italian kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

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